Saturday, July 29

Grace Community Bible Church follows the Gospel's leading to go to those who are poor in need and offer them bread. We offer to all those in need the Bread of Life - Jesus Christ to fill your spiritual longings and needs every Sunday morning in our 10am worship service. On the last Saturday of each month, at 9am we offer physical bread to those in an illustration of the importance of the Bread of Life. Come and taste and see that God is good.

Greek Club

Starting September 10th

Grace Community Bible Church will launch our first Greek Club on Sunday evening Sunday 10th at 7:00pm. All who are interested in learning New Testament Greek can join us as we learn the basics of the language used by the Holy Spirit to deliver the Gospel to us. We will meet every Sunday night at 7:00pm. The cost is $35 for the textbook. It is an additional $15 for the workbook. Register today online.