Veterans Day Service

Sunday, November 10th, Grace Community Bible Church will hold a special service where we honor our men and women who served in the military before our worship of Jesus Christ, the suffering Servant.

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Saturday, November 23rd at 9:00am

Grace Community Bible Church follows the Gospel's leading to go to those who are poor in need and offer them bread. We offer to all those in need the Bread of Life - Jesus Christ to fill your spiritual longings and needs every Sunday morning in our 10am worship service. On the last Saturday of each month, at 9am we offer physical bread to those in an illustration of the importance of the Bread of Life. Come and taste and see that God is good. This month we will have a special Christmas sermon at 9am on the 22nd for the pantry family.


Fall Growth Group

Our Growth Groups meet on Sunday evenings in River Ridge and Wednesday evenings in Metairie and at the Church in River Ridge. Speak with an Elder to be a part of Growth Group this fall.

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Speak with Pastor Shawn if you are interested in learning more about believer’s baptism.

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AHG/Trail Life

Registration for the 2019-2020 is currently being offered by email. If you have any further questions on the Troop calendar or expenses contact us today!